Friday, January 6, 2012

WPR Gets Interview With New Adventure Time Comic Artists

So WPR got an interview with the artists behind the adventure time comic, here's the full interview.
I've also been reading more about it online.

"Nothing is too absurd. Bring it on, Ryan. Salt shaker Jake. 30-piece drum set Jake. Jakealope. Jake as a manly mustache for Finn. " -Braden Lamb

Here's what I got from it

-4 issue story arcs, that will be collected to be resold in some other format.

- I've seen the artist work and it's good, it won't look like crap.

-shout out to the Adventure Time Wiki/a?

-there are mysteries in the show fans haven't figured out?

- the snails in it, look for him

-they only communicate with pen not the rest of the crew

-doesn't seem to have any short stories in back from other artist

- many incentive covers are planned.

still no explanation as to why DC comics isn't doing it, as it's owned by Warner Bros which owns Adventure Time

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