Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodbye Time

I met Pen Ward this weekend again for like the fifth time. I didn't realize it at the time, but he was with Natasha Allegri checking out IndieCade. I'll have the interview up in a few days on my other site TTDILA.I played the new video game too at the publisher's place of business. I'll be having a preview on that as well on TTDILA. I have even been to Cartoon Network Studios Burbank and seen where they make the cartoon, which was so surreal. Meeting some of the fine folks who are part of the crew were also all great experiences.

Meeting Pen again was just awesome sauce, he's always relaxed and keeping the pirate beard easily puts him down for Santa when he gets older. Yes, it's probably a post where a new Santa is chosen when the other dies like the Tim Allen movies, wow, if you think about them now, they're pretty dark.

Pen's brought so much joy and ideas in the world with his cartoon about a heroic boy named Finn and his magical transforming dog Jake. The show is now branching in even more directions with big shifts on whose still part of it.

Today's episode had me laughing as Gunther's cat apparently had the Phoenix force and shot meow lasers. That was only part of how great the show is when Finn needed time to get out of his pajamas and learned to act mysterious and to have options if things don't work out with Flame Princess. I'm not taking the time to write reviews for every episode though I wish I did.

I'll always be a fan of the show. Covering all the different creations and creative people that Adventure Time has created is a fun hobby. You don't have to search far to see someone inspired by the show online or just in LA with people wearing the shirts and Finn hats.

So, I'm really not ending my fandom for the show, but I haven't treated this site to enough content lately to make it its own. I'll still be covering Adventure Time on TTDILA, but for now there will be no more updates. So this is goodbye readers.

ChyeEE-hck Please!-Jonathan

Inferior Cake

 Hot Topic's cake doll has some messed up arms. This wasn't a one time mistake, I've been to a few Hot Topics and kept seeing this bad version of the toy. Guess quality control wasn't an issue in whatever country had to make these.

You can clearly see they added fur to Cake's right palm and it's missing the fur up her arm, no idea why hot topic doesn't demand better quality products. If this is Jazzwares doing( the same makers of the action figures) maybe start double checking your work, because I also have a Finn action figure whose knee joint is in the wrong direction.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Adventure Time Reaches 100 It's Have'n Grand Babies

Adventure Time reached 100 episodes and maybe syndication if it ever get's shown on another network. Today's 100th episode featured Bill Murray's brothers voice, best know for Captain Flapjack from another well known show and Dr. Katz. It took Aqua Teen Hunger Force so much longer to reach 100. Congrates to everyone who has worked on the show, some who are getting shows, because of the expereince and time put into Adventure Time. Let's hope for good quality writing and art , because wishing for a 100 more episodes was a terrible mistake for The Simpsons, let's hope AT never gets that bad.