Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventure Time Rundown 1

Here's just a collection of Adventure Time stuff.

Collider has a rundown of the Adventure Time Comic-con Panel here

Here's a breakdown of the Adventure Time comics panel at Comic-con from Bleeding Cool.

Brett Davern's 'Adventure Time' Conquest shows how you got those mathematical medals from the con this year.

Kid President Gives Medal to Pen Ward, quite funny.

"Too Young" Emmy Nominated

AT Buys

Adventure Time 5 Inch Action Figure B-MO
Changes Face

Adventure Time 7 Inch Plush Fiona

Evan Henry Art Adventure Time Finn wooden statue "Thumbs Up Finn" pixel pop art

Meditation Time an Adventure Time Screen Print

White Clay

From Thomas Herpich
(a writer/character-designer/storyboard artist on the smash hit Adventure Time cartoon) comes a collection of experimental adventure/fantasy stories. Beautiful and strange… these comics are heartfelt attempts to examine the paradoxes and traps facing a human mind living today.

Thomas' previous critically acclaimed comic making included Cusp & Gongwanadon.

4C cover
32 1C pages
8.5 " x 11 " saddle stitched
$4.95 US funds

Adventure Time Game News In Latest Nintendo Power

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Issue 280, July 2012 edition you"ll find plenty of tidbits on the upcoming, "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage ?!" video game. On page 70-75 then's an article on the game, "C'mon, Grab Your Friends" and an interview with Pen and and James Montagna, the director of the game called, "The Candy King."

Pick it up now and you'll only get so much info for it's October release, but enough to keep the game pains away.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burning Low Next Week

Things are heating up with the love traingle between Finn, PB and Flame Princess. Until Next Monday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Good-bye Mr. Lincoln

Wow, I didn't see anything coming in today's episode "Sons of Mars".


 You have to go back some episodes to get many on the inside parts of the story. The strangest part had to be the apparent death of Abraham Lincoln, though not depicted, made even creepier, but what happened. The other strange points might be the appearance of Ooo's god "Grob Gob Glob Grod", that there's an entire race on Mars, the condition of the earth, previously seen in the comic, or that Magic Man is still just insane, oh and that evil mutant deer showing up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adventure Time Panel 2012

This is just the start, just keep going. This year's panel had Pen Ward, Rebecca Sugar, Jo Di Maggio the voice of Jake, the voice of Finn, Jeremey Shada and Tom Kenny ala Ice King They start with a reading with Ice King as a detective or rather the Ice King pretending to be a detective.

Collider has a great run through of the event and Q and A. I can't belevie Pepsisman inspired part of the new 3DS games. Pepsimanis this bizarre Japanese game never released stateside.

Adventure Time Swag and Goods from Comic-Con

Here's the Adventure Time Medal you had to quest for, more on that here. This is only some of the AT stuff that was floating around Comic-Con.
                                       The map of Ooo to collect the stamps required for the medal.

                                     Olly Moss' Finn poster a joke on fin., the way old french movies would end seen made fun of in cartoons and media ad infinitum.

Marceline and the Scream Queens Sucks

 In the first issue your walked through a story you might get with a promotional toy. Your introduced to Marceline's band, which seems to include a human, which makes no sense, and shows writer Meredith Gran doesn't get the Adventure Time universe. Marceline's band plays a concert in the Candy Kingdom and PB is so taken with the music she decides to be their manager on their tour. PB also takes Beemo without mentioning why.

Anyway, reading this new tale in Ooo about Marceline and her band of boring characters made me want to barf. Writer Meredith Gran is unable to capture the spirit of the show and the main comic, especially in the dialogue of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. The words that Marceline and PB share just don't fit them and just isn't funny to read.

What's sad is there are elements that are good in the tale and Meredith's art is fine, but she should have had some help doing it. It seems like she should be working with someone on the comic, not just by herself.

Keypeer Seeker Challenge

Follow this link to the video of the set up of the Keypeer Seeker Challenge held at the Children's Museum in San Diego for Comic-Con. Quite the amazing event for kids and adult. You were given a ball capsule with a riddle in it. You'd figure it out to open a locker in the next room. They weren't that tuff, thy wanted kids to get prizes. Prizes were a bunch of different AT goodies like pins and small toys. There was also an art gallery segment.

Comics Alliance seems to be he only site with photos so far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ludicrous Amount of Adventure Time @ Comic Con

The list is from Adventure Time art, with 10 booths to visit to win some award, this doesn't include the childrens' museum event taking place every day of the con recreating the Land of Ooo. Can't wait to see pics and video of it all.

SEE! This nifty list of ten Adventure Time goings-on down in San Diego this week. Lots of great stuff, including this exclusive Finn & Fionna set from Jazwares. We’ll take 72 of everything, please.
Abrams (Booth #1216/1218) will have a righteous new calendar for 2013 available for sale at the show!
BOOM! Studios (Booth #2743) will feature its line of Adventure Time comic books with a Pen Ward exclusive issue #1 cover – not to mention the debut issue of the Marceline and the Scream Queens spinoff comic – along with an ultra-exclusive limited-edition, handmade mini-comic from Jon Chad!
Hallmark (Booth #2913H) gives fans a first look at its Adventure Time greeting cards and an all-new Keepsake Ornament coming in 2013!
Jazwares (Booth #2343 via Entertainment Earth) will feature a Comic-Con exclusive FINN AND FIONNA 2-pack that is a must have addition to the Adventure Time toyline!
Mighty Fine (Booth #517) continues to offer up fan-favorite t-shirts based on the series, with an exclusive Comic-Con design featuring Finn and BMO!
MIMOCO (Booth #4936) will launch its line of designer USB drives with the Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum MIMOBOTS available in a range of sizes – plus a limited-edition FIONNA Mimobot that is exclusive to Comic-Con attendees.
Mondo (Booth #437) adds to its line of super-exclusive and top-quality posters for Adventure Time with five posters available, including exclusive Comic-Con posters from Mike Mitchell and Olly Moss, as well as 8-bit designs from Delicious Design League!
Penguin (Booth #1134) brings an Adventure Time twist to the world’s greatest word game MAD LIBS® and other books debuting in limited release this summer, with more to come in fall!
Poketo (Booth #4634), a new partner for the brand, will debut a line of wallets based on Adventure Time, including a wallet designed by Pendleton Ward himself!
Toddland (Booth #3449), also new to the Adventure Time partner roster, will make a splash with a new line of apparel and accessories – including a very limited edition sweater designed by Pendleton Ward!
Oh! And if you collect ten stamps by visiting each of these stops, then return to Cartoon Network’s booth (#3735), you “will be rewarded with an exclusive, custom award fit for a victor.” What could THAT be? And what if your name’s not Victor?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventure Time: Complete First Season Review Time

Here's my review of the first season DVD xompliation, where my Blu-rays?

Jon Chad Is Creepy

Jon Chad made a 700-run exclusive comic-con Adventure Time: The Adventure Unfolds' Comic. So it is 30 bucks, which is a terrible price. You can only get it at the Boom! booth (#2743) at comic-con .

The video above show Jon is creepy as Hell and doesn't seem to own a good shirt. He has cool tattoo mind you, but really comes off creepy. So get his creepy unfolding comic at the con, before he goes away for something. Hopefully, he's not at the booth, I would not like to meet him. It's kind of like how I think meet Jhonen Vaquez would be, I saw him on Attack of the Show for an interview way back and he just seems unsociable.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Damn Comic-Con Looks Fun

"We wanted to make sure all you righteous Adventure Time fans could find the Keyper Seeker Challenge at The New Children's Museum during San Diego Comic-Con next weekend…think putting this on top of the building will help??"

Public Event · By The New Children's Museum
It's a Finn and Jake take over, Comic-Con style! For the first time ever, The New Children's Museum will be re-conceptualized to feature an exclusive, fully immersive Adventure Time experience.
July 11-15th

Finn and Jake Art Time Part 2

Finn and Jake Art Time Part 1

 A bunch of Finn and Jake fan art from around the net.

                              Metal Finn a parody of  Metal Sonic. Jake is something from Final Fantasy.