Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Covers and Covers Adventure Time Comic

-First up you can ask Ryan North the writer of the upcoming comic anything you want via the comment system of Adventure Time Art  here

-Adventure Time #1 has sold out from Diamond Publishers, the deliver all the comics to the comic shops, so that means a reprint is underway, it also means the Adventure #1 was bought by a whole lot of comic shops.

-The covers in this post are all special editions, so you'll have to look for them as there rare ones, all of them are just spectaculkar pieces, I hope they have a cover collection come out eventually as a nice coffe table book

The one's below are for issue #3
"This time we have covers by the likes of Chris Houghton on the A cover, Elena Barbarich rocking the B, AT designer and comics extraordinaire Mike DeForge on the incentive C cover and Stephanie Bucema taking us home with Finn and Jake IN SPACE on the incentive D cover!"

Damn, I love them all. Cover C looks like a showdown between Lumpy Space and the Breakfast Kingdom and Jake looks like he's farting in space.

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