Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adventure Time x Skyrim Mash-Up Poster

only 3 and 2 are gone


Adventure Time Holly Jolly Secrets December 8th

·         8 p.m. (ET, PT): Adventure Time: (half-hour special) Holly Jolly Secrets” – Finn and Jake stumble across the Ice King’s video diary and look to uncover his secrets. The special will replay Thursday, December 8 at 7:30 p.m. (ET, PT).


 Here's some fun AT art that would make great backgrounds

AT Fan Comic

I just love the outline ending, lost the rest, no idea who did it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wonder how this fan comic will compare to the real one coming out

I wouldn't mind have that much of a problem if this guy did the real adventure time comics, more on the way, from that guy.


We're Going To Assassinate You GOA Project

 I told you guys I really liked the GOA (Guild of Assassins) logo from the Jake Vs Me-Mow episode. It didn't take to long, but I created my own death threat letter for myself. First, I drew it out in the font style and did the logo in felt pen. For added affect I burned it a little. Then I cut it in the fashion of the episode and finally added a toy knife, bent it and taped it to look like it was stabbed into my door, like my real death threats. Now you can make your own death threats or maybe a fun sort of Christmas card.

Meet Flint and Cage Evil Versions of Finn and Jake

 So we have a gender-bending universe and a fan made evil universe. Flint and Cage are evil versions of our heros Finn and Jake. Don't know the artist, but they've been kickin around the net. If you look below the entire cast has been changed, maybe by multiple fan artists. I know it's old to do the old evil universe thing ,but I love it.

The design of Finn just grabs me, because of his pointy inward ears. The gun seems magical and of course the motto of The Tick and Batman rings in  "heroes don't use guns". Cage freak me out, he of course is a cat, but he's so pointed in being opposite to Jake's roundness.

I can't take credit for that excellent chart below, found it on the net, but it' amazing to see how many characters were changed to evil forms. I think an episode of AT with a visit to this evil dimension would be great.

AT  fans impress with character design, if you are the artist be sure to send your work to Cartoon Network in Burbank to the Adventure Time crew, I mean Me-Mow was created and it looked awful.
Awful as how Flint and Cage act.

Voice Actors

 Here's a good way to remember the voice actors on the show. Below is the connection of Cake and Bubby sharing the same voice actress.

What AT product is this?

Is it like a pillow or comes with a cover?

Spider-Man Megaman

 Both are silly, why would Marceline be Protoman?

GOA Guild of Assassins

It's only on air for a second, but I really like the logo for the GOA or Guild of Assassins from the Me-Mow vs Jake episode. I hope it gets incorporated more in the show in later episodes. I like the idea that the Assassins also stab doormen to get there points across. I kind of wanted a similar service to my enemies on my other site, but more like a certificate of being an enemy.
 As previously posted Me-Mow's poison weapon bares a resemblance to Kim's missing hand with a skull, hope she's in the guild too.
 Some fan art of Me-Mow's quite funny first up a parody of Assassin's Creed than Metal Sonic

Alternative End

Alternative endings to that weird fan comic I posted about

 and this part

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weird Story Time

There are some very fun, but strange fan comics out there. I'm unsure if this is the completed version or not. No idea about the artist either. Makes me wonder if AT manga exist yet.

 Finn was the Ice King all along?
Alternative ending

Made Time: Esty Anyone

I found almost all of these on Etsy.