Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dumm Comics in Adventure Time #2 Incentive Cover

This is a total nerd thing, but when I looked more closely at the incentive cover for issue #2 of Adventure Time, I saw some familiar faces. The comics Frog Raccoon and Laffy comics are definitely homages to Frog Raccoon Strawberry by Kyle Carrozza and John Berry  (one of my favorite online comics, the current arc has a cow version of Mega Man) and Sorry Guys by David Gemmill from Dumm Comics. Dumm comics seem to be being mocked to by having Brain Comix, but I could just be reading into it.

It reminded me when AT had a small cameo in Frog Racoon Strawberry in the form of a Finn doll you can see above and read about here.

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  1. Check out Bob Flynn's comics to see the inspiration for the brain comics: http://bobjinx.blogspot.com/