Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Andy Ristaino at L.A. Zine Fest

Andy Ristaino is showcased in Getting To Know Your Local Zinester: Andy Ristaino and seems like he'll be there for the event taking place Feb 19 at The Last Bookstore in LA. If you don't know Andy works on Adventure Time as a character designer, chat with him and check out his comics.

Dumm Comics in Adventure Time #2 Incentive Cover

This is a total nerd thing, but when I looked more closely at the incentive cover for issue #2 of Adventure Time, I saw some familiar faces. The comics Frog Raccoon and Laffy comics are definitely homages to Frog Raccoon Strawberry by Kyle Carrozza and John Berry  (one of my favorite online comics, the current arc has a cow version of Mega Man) and Sorry Guys by David Gemmill from Dumm Comics. Dumm comics seem to be being mocked to by having Brain Comix, but I could just be reading into it.

It reminded me when AT had a small cameo in Frog Racoon Strawberry in the form of a Finn doll you can see above and read about here.

The Annie's Approach

Remember to keep you fingers crossed that Adventure Time wins at the Annie Awrds this Saturday.

Though not in the category of best animated kids show there up for Best Animated Special Production for the episdoe "Thank You" and Rebecca Sugar is up for Best Storyboarding in a Television Production.

Give her some shouts of encouragment on her Twitter http://twitter.com/rebeccasugar

She just did this cool post on anime I happen to watch Mawaru-Penguindrum. One of those penguins likes panties quite a bit.

Covers and Covers Adventure Time Comic

-First up you can ask Ryan North the writer of the upcoming comic anything you want via the comment system of Adventure Time Art  here

-Adventure Time #1 has sold out from Diamond Publishers, the deliver all the comics to the comic shops, so that means a reprint is underway, it also means the Adventure #1 was bought by a whole lot of comic shops.

-The covers in this post are all special editions, so you'll have to look for them as there rare ones, all of them are just spectaculkar pieces, I hope they have a cover collection come out eventually as a nice coffe table book

The one's below are for issue #3
"This time we have covers by the likes of Chris Houghton on the A cover, Elena Barbarich rocking the B, AT designer and comics extraordinaire Mike DeForge on the incentive C cover and Stephanie Bucema taking us home with Finn and Jake IN SPACE on the incentive D cover!"

Damn, I love them all. Cover C looks like a showdown between Lumpy Space and the Breakfast Kingdom and Jake looks like he's farting in space.

Parody Time: Movies, Games and Cartoons

 Just some homage work for AT I found online

Monday, January 30, 2012

Australian Censors

A friend told me of Adventure Time Wikia's coverage of Adventure Time being censored in Australia

read up and see what was cut out

crazy Aussies, love them

Chapel Hill Comics Adventure Time Number 1

So estatic was the owner of Chapel Hill Comics for the Adventure Time comic he created his own cover, which you can pre-order for $20

if your in the area of the comic shop

"Adventure Time, the huge Cartoon Network hit, will soon be a comic, published by KABOOM!, and Chapel Hill Comics is having a party to celebrate! We will host a launch party for Adventure Time featuring tasty snacks, an Adventure Time costume contest and an EXCLUSIVE CHAPEL HILL COMICS COVER to Adventure Time #1! The launch party will be Saturday, February 18, from 4pm until 7pm. Mark your calendars now!"

Ugly Finn Nooka Watch

This barf ugly wath of Finn from Nooka, the same people who made the Jake watch is out now. Hate it and want it burned.

Ghost Princess

Wow, what a spectacular episode ,"Ghost Princes" blew me away. Murder mystery, spirtuality, war, cheese explosion, beating up corpses, this is why I love this show. God, just the elements in the story are like a mini-movie. Maria Bamfrod did a great job as Ghost Princess.

A friend pointed out
Ghostdates is a real site check it out, there's some underlying code that goes to this

Oh jeez and the background design with crystal gravestone, too beautiful

AT Cosplay Time: That Jake is Freaky

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Favs For Now

 My favorite pieces of Adventure Time floating online now. The above piece has stolen the Finn toy and alter it's size quite a bit.
 Oh, man this is from the Adventure Time art show, I want another art show already!!!!!

Illegal DVD's

Someone got sick of waiting and made their own AT DVDs, they ripped off the comic book covers

Adventure Time Comics #3 Spoilers

From the other early image reveal from Boom studios and cover #3 it looks likes Finn and Jake will be dealing with sand versions of themselves. A synopsis with spoilers has been put up on tfaw.com listing for the the comic.

"Trapped by the dreaded Lich, the guys gotta stop all of Ooo from being sucked away forever - and rescue a bunch of wayward Princesses. Luckily, no one does adventure - and looks cooler doing it - than Finn and Jake! "

Wow, Lich that early, hope it's mathe mathematical.

Boom studios still doesn't have a one year subscription for individual up, so it looks like you'll hvae to head to a comic shop to get yours still.

Issue number 1 is still set for Feb 15th release.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shannon is Asked Nothing

Shannon the editor for the upcoming the Adventure Time comic gave access to herself with the abiltiy to ask questions about the comic, it seem no one did it the time alotted. However, we get a piece of art from the comic with some sort of sand Finn.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventure Time x Daft Punk Sold Out

via Superpunch

Damn, this went as fast as the Mondo posters, I guess watch his etsy page.

Paper Pete Was Once Was Paper Wars

“Paper Pete” premieres at 7:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Central) Monday night on Cartoon Network.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Adventure Time Vs Homestuck

I have no idea what Homestuck is, but I guess your suppose to mock fight them at cons if you Adventure Time cosplay.

Bravest Warriors A Series Now?

Looks like Pen Ward's other creation Bravest Warriors is about to be a series. Fredearotors been showing off production sketeches on their blog.  If you haven't seen the pilot, it's about 4 space warriors who go through space fighting evil. It still has Pen's sense of humor, but I still like AT more. The other mystery is if it's airing on Nickeledeon or not, there's no place where it says it for Cartoon Network, but I think it be too hard for Pen working on two seperate show for two different networks.
 Here's some early work on the show, it seems Phil Rynda from AT is now working on it. Also the characters have gobne over a major overhaul.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jesse Moynihan Reveals Adventure Time Season 5 in the Works

 His Back To L.A. post tells of bittersweet interaction with his former girlfriend and that Season 5 is in production. He be part of the crew so his words be valid y"all.

Anime LA 2012 Adventure Time

Here's some more cosplay from the Adventure Time Group from ALA last Sunday. Still can't find any pictures online or how the panel went.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Mondo Posters

"The Finn + Fionna Set includes two 18”x24” posters featuring Fionna with Lord Monochromicorn and Cake and Finn with Lady Rainicorn and Jake. A limited-number of prints have been made (185 sets) and will be sold together as a set only for $75. The posters go on sale on Friday, January 13 on MondoTees.com. " -ATA

Yes, more beautiful limited edition Mondo posters, this time by artist Tiny Kitten Teeth, whose work I've seen in a million tribute shows will be going on sale and most likely sold out real soon.

Adventure Time Tree House in Minecraft

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Came from the Nightosphere DVD March 6

 They like totally changed the box art for the next Adventure Time DVD release, now rescheduled for March 6th. Pre-order it here
Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere

Here are the episodes on it.

  • It Came from the Nightosphere
  • Rainy Day Daydream
  • Wizard
  • Power Animal
  • Enchiridion
  • Slumber Party Panic
  • The Real You
  • Memory of a Memory
  • Prisoners of Love
  • Crystals Have Power
  • Business Time
  • Mystery Train
  • Guardians of Sunshine
  • The Monster
  • Hit Man
  • The Creeps

  • The new box art with Big ol' Jake is awesome. Frederator's post on the new DVD explains there's still a collectors collection in the works, bit no images online or details yet. BTW who runs the Frederator Adventure Time site, they should have a voice of who they are. Or is more than one person... I wonder.