Friday, January 27, 2012

Adventure Time Comics #3 Spoilers

From the other early image reveal from Boom studios and cover #3 it looks likes Finn and Jake will be dealing with sand versions of themselves. A synopsis with spoilers has been put up on listing for the the comic.

"Trapped by the dreaded Lich, the guys gotta stop all of Ooo from being sucked away forever - and rescue a bunch of wayward Princesses. Luckily, no one does adventure - and looks cooler doing it - than Finn and Jake! "

Wow, Lich that early, hope it's mathe mathematical.

Boom studios still doesn't have a one year subscription for individual up, so it looks like you'll hvae to head to a comic shop to get yours still.

Issue number 1 is still set for Feb 15th release.

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