Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Like There Are Two Adventure Time Art Shows Happening

Big news! Two Adventure Time Art Shows in August. The first is happening in Chicago with a bunch of artist. The second is happening at Nucleus, where the first public art show was, because technically the first art show happened at Cartoon Network with the Autumn Society, before the show aired. So with Mondo's art show and the one at Comic-con, these would be the 5th and 6th known art shows. Why no Japanese art shows?

The one at Nucleus will have crew and also comic book people, so that'll be fun.

Anyway here's links to both stories on the other site and more info will be coming with more pics and obviously I'm going to the one here, so look forward to coverage and some interviews and me possibly giving banana sauce to Pen Ward.

Adventure Time Tribute @ Nucleus 

OhNo!Doom Gallery Adventure Time: A Tribute Show Teaser

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