Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventure Time Comic Is Out

Did you read it yet! BTW I got to ask the first question of Ryan North the writer of the series in a questions asking thing.

Jonathan Bilski: I have some questions myself for Mr. North. How many arcs have you written so far or planned out? Will you be writing for the forseeable future or is this for a certain run of the comic. Also can I get some free stuff for being an early commenter?
P.S. I hope you have giant robots planned at some point
Ryan North: So far I’ve written out just the first arc, but I’ve got some ideas for the second. I hadn’t considered giant robots! This was an OVERSIGHT on my part and I hope to incorporate giant robots into future issues. However I did incorporate my favourite Jake transformation (Jake Suit!) in the first issue, and that’s kind of like a giant robot! Only, the robot is a dog. Still?
Also I am not the one in charge of free stuff but I am hereby saying this to the powers that be: free stuff! Free stuff for Jonathan! FREE STUFF FOR EVERYONE

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