Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventure Time #1 Review

 Hello fan fiction made into a comic! The first issue of Adventure Time has hit comic shelves and well it's mathematical! Ryan North has given us an entertaining tale to start with that does have some major punches. If you haven't read it yet watch out for spoilers ahead.

The comic itself greatly resembles the TV Show and even seems to fill in the blank of what happened to the lich and that happy snail that waves in every episode. The start of the comic mocks the beginning of the show, it turns out Jakes just stretched his hand with a video camera it seems. Were immediately introduced to a bad situation in which the lich has gained and magic bag that can endlessly suck anything into it. This has some great visuals as layers of land of ooo are left visible.

There's also a short page on whose who if you haven't seen the show so you know what's up. What's up is the whole world is in danger in the first issue. It looks like the Candy Kingdom has been taken into the bag as well as our heroes even in Jake suit mode. I guess I found out what was that disgusting Jake thing Ryan North was talking about in his interview a few posts back. I don't remember going into the Jake suit being this gross.

 The art's okay, but it just won't ever look as good as the shows. I hope they try and be more playful with the art, maybe do more things outside the panel like below. The indie comic backup was funny, I'm so glad they chose to incorporate those into each issue.

I look forward to more issues and eventually giant robots!

 I did like this little bodiless/talking heads Finn and Jake part at the bottom of a page.
 There seems to be a hint or foreshadowing here for maybe another arc if you look at ice king's fan fiction "Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake"
There was some weird writing that matches the shows computer language at the bottom of a page, I wonder if it's real at this point and actually has hidden messages. It was there maybe to to represent Ice King's computer? or maybe it's something we should look for in every issue and start deciphering.

As of now I think the stories are considered canon for Adventure Time or in continuity so if something appears in the comic it will look the same in the show like eggplant princess would look the same even if she first appeared in the comic.

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  1. No it's writen by marceline, if u look by the "signiture"(after the high-fin)you'll see two red marks that resemble the bite marks on marceline's neck, also, why would a computer use red? BLOOD red to be exact