Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Someone Else Who Should Do Adventure Time Comics:Coleman Engle

As the Adventure Time Comics line approaches from Boom with a writer I'm not sure who should be doing it and artists I've not heard of, who will most likely make the art the look boring and rigid, when the roots of the most of the designers on the show are totally indie, I'll be suggesting other artists.
Reported by CA , Coleman Engle did a nice piece on the genderbender cast of Adventure Time. He's been doing indie comis for some time and seems like a much better choice then the current people on the title.

Even though it hasn't come out yet, I'd like to have at least seen some art from the comic from the artists involved, but they don't seem to have blogs or anything, not the best sign. I'll be suggesting more artists you can check out and e-mail boom about.

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