Monday, December 19, 2011

Adventure Time Panel at Anime Los Angeles 2012

Looks like there's going to be an Adventure Time Panel at Anime Los Angeles this year and hopefully some cosplay.

Get tickets here, also you can enjoy the rest of the expo

Adventure Time Panel

Friday – LP2 5:00 PM
WHAT TIME IS IT GUYS?!? ADVENTURE TIME!! Come join our freaken sweet panel as we talk about and laugh about all things Adventure Time. There will be plenty of geeking out to your favorite adventure time clips, songs and quotes. This is for Adventure Time fans that are down to have crazy candy parties with Finn and Jake and is ok with letting everyone and their moms know :D We will be referencing from all 3 seasons of Adventure Time so feel free to come dressed as your favorite Adventure Time Character and share the awesomeness that is ADVENTURE TIME! [Justine Villamarzo, Garrett Cechinni, Vladimir Medel]

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