Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Adventure Time Contest Over 5pm 5/13

"So guys, I (Shannon) love making the ADVENTURE TIME comic book for you. It is my favorite part of all of my days, but the feeling is always that I send this beautiful thing out into the world, and five people including my mom read it. BUT I KNOW THAT’S NOT TRUE! So I want to see pictures of you…yes YOU, glorious human…reading your ADVENTURE TIME comic(s)! It doesn’t have to be fancy! It can be as terrible as the photo above! OR IT CAN BE SUPER FANCY! Whatever! As a wise person once said, you do you!
You will have until tomorrow, Friday 4/13 at 5PM PST, to post your photo on your Tumblr with the tag “Adventure Time Goes BOOM!” Don’t forget the tag or I won’t be able to find you! TRAGIC!
I’ll pick one of you at random to win incentive covers for issues 2&3 (By Emily Carroll, Frank & Becky, Michael DeForge and Stephanie Buscema HOLY SMOKES) as well as the proofs for the giant ADVENTURE TIME booth banners, which I’ve had cluttering up my desk for weeks. They’re made out of thick coated canvas and would probably make a handsome wallet, if you’re crafty.
Get to it, REMEMBER THE TAG, and also remember that you are the best"

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  1. Awesome contest, Shannon. And thanks so much for re-posting this, Jonathan.